This post is an update to an earlier post where I tracked my sartorial sensibilities through my prog moon’s signs here.

  • Mood: Androgynous, exhibitionistic and completely unapproachable
  • Palette: Neutrals and metallics
  • Cuts and textiles: Strong, sleek, tailored lines, asymmetry, unexpected pairings, silk
  • Shoe of choice: Boots of all kinds
  • Comfort outfit: Hair slicked back, architectural statement jacket (military or moto), starched oxford shirt with the collar buttoned, skinnies, driving gloves, knee high boots (over skinnies)
  • Other details: Chains, uniforms, period pieces, fedoras, blazers, no skin bared

This is our final segment in the shoes and signs series. Again, I invite readers to make their own suggestions! Check out earlier posts here and here.

Sporty, colourful, fun and just a little bit wild

A wedge heel makes this boot easy to run in

Sagittarius: Fashion is fun for Sagittarius, so, like Gemini, trendy patterns and unusual details are a go. I’ll make one small concession with Sag. Because Sag is one of the most mobile signs, I say, learn to run in heels but if one must wear trainers, you can still try finding a sleek one with a wedge heel that will be a breeze to run in. I discovered  Noname (not No Name) trainers when I was in Japan and my Sag moon bound and gagged my Cap sun and bought us a pair.


This is our second installment of the shoes and signs series. Check out the first post here. If you have any sartorial suggestions, please share them in the comments!

Glittery platforms are a go to shoe for Leo.

Leo can rock shoes with bolder colours and contours.

Leo: Leo dresses to be noticed and always goes big, so towering platforms should not intimidate! This dramatic sign can carry flashy details and bright colours well. Just be careful not to go too loud, lest one end up looking cheap or tasteless – tackiness being one of Leo’s fashion weaknesses. For a comfort shoe, try ballet flats in fun fabrics or with chunky or shiny details, like rows of metallic studs.


I feel it’s time for some levity on this blog. You want some levity? I want some levity. Here we go:

I was inspired by the post, Fashion by Zodiac Sign on ElsaElsa’s blog. Since no one has responded to my request for a shoe related post, I thought I’d take matters into my own hands. As a disclaimer, I am a Capricorn who dresses like one. That means a 100% personal ban on trainers (exceptions made for the gym or running only), Birkenstocks, Crocs and Uggs. The latter two, I refuse to acknowledge as shoes. Those are more accurately described as sartorial abominations. So, bearing my personal bias in mind, these are my style suggestions by zodiac sign. Part one will take us through to Cancer. And by all means, please share your suggestions if you have any!

Red, Mars' favourite colour

Combat boots, also a Mars happy choice

Aries: The bold and direct Aries personality is best expressed with shoes that have a strong, powerful design, large or sharp details and anything with a military flair. Anything light will appear too weak. Were I writing this post two years ago, I would have been all over the gladiator sandal or a pair of spike encrusted heels a la Sam Edelman.


Tracking your progressed moon is one of the best ways of identifying your instinctual focus and your tastes and habits may subtlely shift. Nowhere is this more evident when it comes to fashion! My natal moon is in a mutable sign, so perhaps I am more malleable when it comes to inclinations of my progressed moon but perhaps you have experienced this as well. In fact, I’ve always known when my prog moon has changed signs when I notice that I am obsessed with a particular colour. A recap of my style by the stars:


  • Mood: Girly with a heart dotted i
  • Palette: Sugary baby pink with touches of gold
  • Cuts and textiles: Low cut tops, 3/4 sleeves, embroidery, lace, breezy, filmy fabrics
  • Shoe of choice: Strappy white kitten heels
  • Comfort outfit: Warm pink tank with lace trim, pressed khaki shorts, fitted army green jacket with intricate detailing up arms and lavender crest on the back, pearl necklace, rings and bangles, gold peep toe heels


A silly list of cupcakes for each of the planets:

Sunburst (Sun): Orange jasmine or meyer lemon, topped with sugar frosting and edible flowers.

Milky Way (Moon): Minty chocolate with extra smooth buttercream frosting and topped with pretty silver balls.

Caffeine High (Mercury): Dark roast coffee with real espresso bean flecks, toffee frosting topped with a broken piece of hard caramel toffee.

High School Crush (Venus): Cute vanilla cupcakes with strawberry pink sugar frosting and red sprinkles.

Some Like it Hot (Mars): Ginger with spicy cream cheese cinnamon frosting.

The Hafez (Jupiter): Rosewater and cardamom with walnuts, saffron buttercream frosting piped high.

High Tea (Saturn): English Breakfast or Earl Grey tea, vanilla glaze frosting full of vanilla bean flecks.

Ray of Light (Uranus): Lemongrass with chunks of candied ginger inside topped with coriander frosting and golden sprinkles.

Lavender Fantasy (Neptune 1): Light fluffy lavender with creamy dreamy purple cream cheese frosting.

Maenad (Neptune 2): Ice wine with soft floaty meringue.

Death by Chocolate (Pluto): Intensely rich little triple chocolate cupcakes with dark cocoa frosting. Not overly sweet, maybe even a little sea salt.

Inspired by Chaoticat @ ElsaElsa!