I feel it’s time for some levity on this blog. You want some levity? I want some levity. Here we go:

I was inspired by the post, Fashion by Zodiac Sign on ElsaElsa’s blog. Since no one has responded to my request for a shoe related post, I thought I’d take matters into my own hands. As a disclaimer, I am a Capricorn who dresses like one. That means a 100% personal ban on trainers (exceptions made for the gym or running only), Birkenstocks, Crocs and Uggs. The latter two, I refuse to acknowledge as shoes. Those are more accurately described as sartorial abominations. So, bearing my personal bias in mind, these are my style suggestions by zodiac sign. Part one will take us through to Cancer. And by all means, please share your suggestions if you have any!

Red, Mars' favourite colour

Combat boots, also a Mars happy choice

Aries: The bold and direct Aries personality is best expressed with shoes that have a strong, powerful design, large or sharp details and anything with a military flair. Anything light will appear too weak. Were I writing this post two years ago, I would have been all over the gladiator sandal or a pair of spike encrusted heels a la Sam Edelman.

Stay with an earthy palette for Taurus

A simple, rugged and chic boot

Taurus: Comfort reigns with Taurus, but that doesn’t mean this sign can’t be chic. Look for soft suedes and buttery leathers as well as a thick or wedge heel to give you stability without sacrificing height. Watch for simple lines and a design that suggests durability and sturdiness. Consider a classic pair of motorcycle or fur lined boots. Mules are also comfortable and easy to slip off when your soles need a break!

Crazy patterns and bright colours appeal to Gemini's fun side

A high heeled twist on the old spectator shoe

Gemini: Geminis are light on their feet and stilettos are the best shoes to match the sign’s flights of fancy. With this sign’s gamine looks, a more youthful style with patterns, brighter colours and shimmer are easier to pull off. Impractical, kooky trends and frivolous heels work well. Gemini can also play up the androgynous factor with a pair of spectator shoes or vintage oxfords. For comfort, consider a kitten heel.

Silvery blues and muted pastels are great for Cancer

A whimsical modern take on old Victorian lace up boots

Cancer: Ultra femme Cancer’s sense of style harkens back to a by-gone era of decorum, before feminism became associated with girls gone wild. Look for pieces with vintage details and a gentler, non-aggressive heel. Cancer can make do with a thicker heel for comfort and still look lady like. A sweet ballet flat will also do.