It’s been awhile! I’m popping in to provide another progressed moon update and lighten the mood here on the blog.

I’ve written about the progressed moon in fashion before, here and here (Aquarius). This is the Pisces profile:

  • Mood: Wherever, whenever, whoever, whatever
  • Palette: Neutrals, desaturated watercolours
  • Cuts and textiles: Oversized silhouettes, complex draping, silk
  • Shoe of choice: Black ballet flats
  • Comfort outfit: Giant, formless neutral top paired with skintight grey skinnies and simple shoes. Maybe silver jewelry.
  • Other details: Everything XL, minimal ornamentation.


If Aquarius was into architecture and construction, Pisces is about dissolving structure. Right now, I’m pleased with clothes draping over and hiding my frame, clothes that put 10 pounds on my appearance. Yes, I know, women are always expected to reduce reduce reduce to look attractive. I couldn’t care less whether I look attractive or not to others. I’m trying to put together outfits that are aesthetically challenging to me. I’m being drawn to the wild silhouettes of Rei Kawakubo, Junya Watanabe, etc.