A silly list of cupcakes for each of the planets:

Sunburst (Sun): Orange jasmine or meyer lemon, topped with sugar frosting and edible flowers.

Milky Way (Moon): Minty chocolate with extra smooth buttercream frosting and topped with pretty silver balls.

Caffeine High (Mercury): Dark roast coffee with real espresso bean flecks, toffee frosting topped with a broken piece of hard caramel toffee.

High School Crush (Venus): Cute vanilla cupcakes with strawberry pink sugar frosting and red sprinkles.

Some Like it Hot (Mars): Ginger with spicy cream cheese cinnamon frosting.

The Hafez (Jupiter): Rosewater and cardamom with walnuts, saffron buttercream frosting piped high.

High Tea (Saturn): English Breakfast or Earl Grey tea, vanilla glaze frosting full of vanilla bean flecks.

Ray of Light (Uranus): Lemongrass with chunks of candied ginger inside topped with coriander frosting and golden sprinkles.

Lavender Fantasy (Neptune 1): Light fluffy lavender with creamy dreamy purple cream cheese frosting.

Maenad (Neptune 2): Ice wine with soft floaty meringue.

Death by Chocolate (Pluto): Intensely rich little triple chocolate cupcakes with dark cocoa frosting. Not overly sweet, maybe even a little sea salt.

Inspired by Chaoticat @ ElsaElsa!