Ever since Jupiter crossed over my ASC, I’ve become more aware of all the abundance I have in my life. Nothing material has increased, but I feel very lucky these days. Lucky to live in a politically stable state with good infrastructure, to be literate and have an education, to eat good food everyday and be healthy, all kind of things easily taken for granted. I’m grateful for all the people who love me, and to have people who want my love.

Sometimes we can focus on the challenging signatures of the charts we analyze but overlook the ease, areas of abundance. The following post is about someone who grew up impoverished in many ways but has one area of serious abundance.

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Original Title: when it rains… natal aspects of a modern Casanova
Original Post Date: September 4, 2007 @ 11:50 pm

Awhile ago, a friend of mine who has what I would describe as a very prolific and impressive love life “confessed” to me that it may surprize me to know that in all his life, he has never approached a woman for sex. Of course, having seen his natal chart, I just laughed. “I’m not surprized at all,” I said, “why would you need to bother? Women rain out of the sky and land in your bed. They’re practically throwing their vaginas at you.” “Is this true?” he says, as if he hasn’t already experienced this phenomenon multiple times. “My dear, it’s your fate. It’s ordained by god. Don’t you realize how devastatingly charming you are?” At this point, he becomes endearingly embarrassed. “I can be very shy,” he protests. “But it hasn’t stopped you has it? Trust me, you were born to love women. You can’t fool the astrologer.”

His natal chart signatures:
– grand fire trine involving a Mars-Jupiter conjunction, Venus and Neptune
– moon-Pluto conjunction opposing Venus forming a kite formation with the grand trine
– Pisces cusping 5th, sun conjunct 5th cusp
– Scorpio ASC

For more astro info about the charts of great lovers, check out Skyscript’s article by Kim Farnell.