The O. divinorum features musings on various esoteric and meditative systems studied and practiced within the context of modernity, including zen, yoga and astrology. Occassionally, older content from previous versions will be reposted. Appropos to its Scorpio Ascendant, this wordpress version is the forth incarnation of the blog. To view the live site, please visit www.odivinorum.com.


The O.divinorum site hosted articles on astrology and tarot, but the content of its blog spanned everything from psychology, philosophy and mysticism, to a gamut of esoteric subjects and systems, most of which were written from the perspective of Western magick. Politics, activism, and detailed personal entries were generally avoided, as well as any deliberate attempts to increase readership. Before the termination of its host, the blog received roughly 1000 unique hits/month.

The Oculus divinorum blog ran on various platforms from August 2004 to April 2008 when its host went out of business. In December 2008, old, popular blog content was republished on WordPress with additional commentary.

On its 6th birthday, the blog’s 4th version officially went live as the WordPress blog evolved from an archive to a blog proper. Currently, the site receives roughly 800 unique hits/month.

Version 1: O.div content began as posts on a livejournal blog.

Version 2: The O.div eventually moved to its own site @ odivinorum.com, complete with a greymatter blog, articles related to divinatory systems, and the Feral Tarot.

Version 3: The O.div blog was upgraded to the wordpress platform until its demise in mid 2008.

Version 4: O. div is moved to public wordpress blog hosting where it exists solely as an archive until its revival in July 2010.


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