Tracking your progressed moon is one of the best ways of identifying your instinctual focus and your tastes and habits may subtlely shift. Nowhere is this more evident when it comes to fashion! My natal moon is in a mutable sign, so perhaps I am more malleable when it comes to inclinations of my progressed moon but perhaps you have experienced this as well. In fact, I’ve always known when my prog moon has changed signs when I notice that I am obsessed with a particular colour. A recap of my style by the stars:


  • Mood: Girly with a heart dotted i
  • Palette: Sugary baby pink with touches of gold
  • Cuts and textiles: Low cut tops, 3/4 sleeves, embroidery, lace, breezy, filmy fabrics
  • Shoe of choice: Strappy white kitten heels
  • Comfort outfit: Warm pink tank with lace trim, pressed khaki shorts, fitted army green jacket with intricate detailing up arms and lavender crest on the back, pearl necklace, rings and bangles, gold peep toe heels


One of my earliest articles that was never on the blog, but published as an article on the O.divinorum site.

In rereading it, I do now think that receiving The Moon card is generally more negative than planets in Pisces in that it strikes me as less productive.

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Once, my mother, glassy-eyed, said to me, “if you are in your bed and hear the dogs howling in the fields, hide yourself under the covers and do not deride what it is they do: for they thirst insatiably for the infinite, like you and me, and the rest of us humans…” (Isadore Ducasse: Les Chants de Maldoror)

One thing that frequently riles students of tarot when they begin to look at astrological associations is the assignation of Pisces to the Moon. After all, if the astrological sun is associated with the tarot Sun, it only seems logical to assign the astrological moon to the tarot Moon. However, the astrological assignations of the Golden Dawn are not without logic, and as one delves deeper into the system of astrology, it becomes clearer why Pisces is a much more fitting symbol for the lunar realm of tarot than the moon.