This was one of the most commented posts on the old blog. Took me awhile to dig it up; enjoy!

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Original Title: 12th House and the Karmic Wheel of Crap
Original Post Date: unknown, 2004-2005

Something my father always told me, ever since I was an itty bitty girl was that “life’s not fair”. Which I’m glad of b/c it’s helpful to remember this as a small child when everyone else is telling you that being “good” will get you the reward, the gold star or whatever, and that being “bad” will result in punishment and ostracization etc.

I’ve heard karma described very similarly. If you do bad things in life, they’ll come back to bite your ass. If you’re good, someday that will come back to you. This is partly true, but implies that good things happen to good people, and we all know that isn’t remotely true. So for a long time, I had a very low opinion of karma. Now a while back, my bf described karma to me in a different way and finally the concept clicked: