This is our final segment in the shoes and signs series. Again, I invite readers to make their own suggestions! Check out earlier posts here and here.

Sporty, colourful, fun and just a little bit wild

A wedge heel makes this boot easy to run in

Sagittarius: Fashion is fun for Sagittarius, so, like Gemini, trendy patterns and unusual details are a go. I’ll make one small concession with Sag. Because Sag is one of the most mobile signs, I say, learn to run in heels but if one must wear trainers, you can still try finding a sleek one with a wedge heel that will be a breeze to run in. I discovered  Noname (not No Name) trainers when I was in Japan and my Sag moon bound and gagged my Cap sun and bought us a pair.

Muted colours does not need to equal boring

Classic black leather heeled boots

Capricorn: Shoes, like anything else, are an investment for Capricorn. Build up one’s shoe collection with a curatorial eye for classic, high quality footwear that will elevate one’s wardrobe. Clean, simple lines, good construction and stilettos are a must. Capricorn can work a masculine style as well as anything that exudes authority but for a more feminine touch without being cutesy, look for pieces that suggest elegance and old world class. Comfort shoes? Ha. Capricorn dresses to impress so practice a confident catwalk stride well.

The vibrant, deep yellow colour paired with stripes give an otherwise ordinary shoe more interest.

I couldn't pick just one. Aquarius can rock all of these geometric, abstract heels.

Aquarius: Aquarius can carry the statement shoe like no other. Actually, I feel this is where Aquarius and Aries have a kind of footwear affinity as they can both pull off something very independent that other signs might feel ridiculous in. This sign’s sci-fi vibe loves metallics and lots of it. Also look for strong, architectural or futuristic contours, unusual silhouettes like a pencil or sculptural heel or unexpected materials like cork. For comfort but interest, try traditional footwear styles from different cultures like a warm and cozy pair of mukluks.

I tried to find a simpler sandal; you get the idea

For every pair of TOMS shoes you purchase, one pair is donated

Pisces: I must admit, I found Pisces the most difficult sign to write for. Whenever I imagine Pisces, she is barefoot. As such, summer is a wonderful season for Pisces who can don the barest, simplest sandals that skim over the feet. And although I find the original TOMS shoe unbearably fugly, the wedge is casual and cute and the “buy one give one” initiative appeals to Pisces’ humanitarian values. Pisces however, can rock heels, no question. Second hand finds may also appeal so that the shoes are already broken in.