This is our second installment of the shoes and signs series. Check out the first post here. If you have any sartorial suggestions, please share them in the comments!

Glittery platforms are a go to shoe for Leo.

Leo can rock shoes with bolder colours and contours.

Leo: Leo dresses to be noticed and always goes big, so towering platforms should not intimidate! This dramatic sign can carry flashy details and bright colours well. Just be careful not to go too loud, lest one end up looking cheap or tasteless – tackiness being one of Leo’s fashion weaknesses. For a comfort shoe, try ballet flats in fun fabrics or with chunky or shiny details, like rows of metallic studs.

Vintage Oxfords are ladylike without being saccharine. Pair this with form fitting clothes to avoid looking frumpy.

Choose a tall, sleek riding boot with clean lines

Virgo: Like Gemini, Virgo is ruled by Mercury and can be quite versatile. The stereotype of Virgo’s look is, well, virginal, but Virgo can also play the sex kitten (think Amy Winehouse – although the beehive is clearly Venus-Mars conj in Leo). Overall, sleek, clean lines suit Virgo’s neat style – unlike Gemini, Virgo cannot get away with too many details, and risks looking frumpy or cheap in a way that other signs (air and fire) can pull off very easily. Consider classic tall riding boots, grown up mary janes with a heel, or trendy oxfords for comfort. Sensible footwear need not look dull or dumpy!

Libra can pull off a girly bow without being too cutesy or immature

The ballet flat, a fashionista's saving grace, in Libra friendly baby pink

Libra: The sign of the balance should not have any problems with the classic stiletto. A pretty nude pump or a strappy heel is a natural fit for Libra, or any shoe with delicate details like lace. Larger details can still look very feminine as well. Think of a classic Manolo Blahnik jeweled satin sandal or pump. For a comfort shoe, a simple, pretty ballet flat should stand you in good stead.

Metallic snakeskin is edgy but still feminine

Boots made for walking, stomping, striking...

Scorpio: The Scorpio shoe stereotype is probably goth boots or stripper platforms. To this I say, no clear acetate heels, please. Of course a killer black stiletto is a good choice, and how could walking on knives not appeal to Scorpio? But consider stepping outside the visual monotonal palette of blacks to include dark metallics or deep jewel tones. For a comfort shoe, pointy slingbacks with a low heel or over the knee tall boots can still look fierce. Look for bold and dominant lines with hints of extravagance if feeling dramatic.