Conveniently located steps east of Yonge/Eglinton on the north side, Yoga Plus has great amenities and a very convenient location, but at $20/drop-in class (price includes water) it is very expensive.



889 Yonge is a spacious, upscale Yoga/Spa “Community” just south of Rosedale subway station. Immediately upon entering, you are greeted with friendly staff and an entire store full of green, eco-friendly merchandise. As such, 889 Yonge feels much more like a spa than a studio. (more…)


I recently bought the Passport to Prana card, which gives me, for the price of $30, one free class at a long list of participating studios until the end of Feb 2010. As such, I have been exploring studios in the downtown core of Toronto and thought, despite this blog’s archival format, that I might report back with some mini reviews. Every archive has new accurals I suppose. One important caveat here is that I can only try one class from each studio, and therefore, cannot comment on the breadth of classes and teachers a studio offers over time.


If you’re looking to compare notes, KLJ also got the passport and reviewed a few studios at her blog, Working up a sweat in Toronto. Karen Kwan also offers her TO passport experience summary at Health and Swellness.

New York based yoginis might want to check out a similar series of reviews on The Hermetic Review and those residing in Montreal can read about some studios at It’s All Yoga Baby.

Onto the first review: MyKula Yoga (updated November 7!)