Since the cardinal grand cross (Jupiter-Pluto-Uranus-Mercury) is back with us again (now that Mars has replaced Mercury), I thought I’d write another post about Pluto’s transits to my chart. By the by, if you had a rough time during the grand cross in early autumn, perhaps you can think about how you’d like to deal with it differently now.


Contrary to a lot of what has been written about this transit, it has not been the most emotionally difficult one that I have experienced. Actually, I would say the overarching emotional tone, despite the challenges presented, is almost one of relief. When faced with what you’re capable of, it’s a good feeling having that knowledge.

It feels good to have nothing to prove to yourself.

It feels good to sit with all of your weaknesses, your baseness, and not react. Not blow things out of proportion or avoid them or try to fix them away or whatever tendencies one might have. (Well, maybe you’ll laugh at yourself. I spend a lot of time laughing at how ridiculous I am these days!)

It feels good to be able to embrace an attitude of radical acceptance, to move toward having no valence toward any outcome. As a result, I feel more in contact with reality than I’ve ever been, even as this breakdown removes me further from any form of community. Communities enclose you in boundaries to protect you, but those are the very same boundaries that block out certain elements you may need to discover and can only discover on your own.

I don’t want to make the transit sound easy. It has not been uncommon for me to feel completely overwhelmed and heartbroken. Hours spent in bed unable to figure out how to channel the energy so I’m just left paralyzed. Moreover, it’s one thing to be okay with yourself when you’re going through some kind of existential transition, but you really can’t expect other people to have the same non-attached attitude.

Pluto transits aren’t easy because they pack a lot of power and you never get power for free. Even if you are claiming your own power, you’re going to have to pay a price. My only suggestion at this point, builds upon the advice I’ve given earlier. Don’t cling to the power. Build channels to let it flow out of you. And know the qualities power takes when it leaves you. Is this power tainted with your pettiness, your greed, your fears, your attachments? Is it enriched by your attentiveness, your desire, your faith, your love? If you want to maximize this transit, you must be wise about the forms power takes as you give it back to the world. That’s the choice you get to make. That is how you will know yourself to be an ethical person, if you have been redeemed. You will know the shape of your ethic by the form power takes when it leaves you.