I recently read on a discussion board that my tPluto in 12th/conj sun post was pretty freaky so I thought I’d post a wee follow up in case this is what other people are getting from my writing.

First, don’t panic and get all anxiety ridden. That is the worst reaction to have – to flake out on yourself like a wuss. Panic/chronic fear leads to narrowed/oversimplified cognitive framing which, unless you are actually in an acutely life threatening emergency situation, will generally lead to not so great decision making.

Secondly, there is absolutely no reason to dread this transit nor to expect to get inordinately depressed. That is the last thing I want people to take away from my writing. Life is not all sunshine and bunny rabbits and you are not perfect. That’s nothing to fret over and I’m pretty sure that’s not news to you.

Finally, if you are not into this transit, do you realize how lucky you must be if you have the time to read your natal chart and consider blog posts about transiting Pluto when there are people in the world living day to day and struggling to like, not die? Try to be reasonable and have a little gratitude for the opportunity this transit represents.

To be fair, I know my humour tends to be very dry, so maybe you wouldn’t have caught my facetiousness in comparing this Pluto transit to the Lord of the Rings. So to rectify that, if I am to more accurately describe how this transit feels, it is more like this:

I’m like that chick @ 7:53 puffing her heart out on her piccolo. Brows furrowed in total concentration in order to stay in sync, to call upon years of training, physical endurance and some infernal primal force to help deliver this triumph of raw orchestral power. Like, don’t fucking bother me with your inanities. I’m not playing some mincing Mozart waltz OK? This is the motherfucking RITE OF SPRING. This is some seriously intense, beautiful, revolutionary, challenging, discordant polytonal shit. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have work to do.