Capricorn is like a diamond. It does best under pressure. If a Capricorn native has a hard Saturn-sun or Saturn-moon contact, then the pressure can be intense. It’s not remotely fun. So you have to forgive us Caps sun for having a dour outlook sometimes. But if Capricorn can take all that pressure, the result is dazzling. Diamonds symbolize the incorruptible. They arise from carbon, the most common element, to become hardest substance in the world.

All that diamond hardness contradicts N. American ideas about femininity. There is something distinctly unfeminine about the cool, cutting, measured steeliness of a practical Capricorn woman. There’s nothing brash or boss-say or rough-and-tumble tough about it, qualities that we find in other more masculine signs. This is not to say that it’s unnatural for women to be steely. I am saying that in terms of gender norms, whenever we see the forceful, commanding Capricornian woman, she’s de-feminized, just as a gentle Cancerian male is emasculated.

This de-feminization is largely related to emotions and gender norms. Being emotional (and the resultant “irrationality” of being emotional), one of the key characteristics that N. Americans ascribe to women and deny to men, is not the female Capricorn’s M.O. The Capricorn woman keeps her eye on the prize. She’s certainly not emotionless, but no matter how she feels, she can put that aside for maximum efficiency. She’s taking care of business.

Capricornian women and even girls, are also not as amenable to the frivolity associated with femininity. The infantalizing “shit girls say” style of gender performance doesn’t fly when you’re ruled by Old Father Time, the taskmaster Saturn. There is always an element of hard nosed pragmatism and sobriety, even if it remains hidden. Capricorn isn’t interested in playing princess afterall – unless it’s on the line of succession to being the ruler of something worth ruling.

Perhaps because of this combination of emotional control, maturity and ambition, Capricorn women can do male drag better than any other sign. Wearing signifiers of masculinity can enhance a Capricorn’s beauty, there’s something very natural about it.

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In N. America, femininity is also about a submissive loss of control and dependence on others. Related to this is the objectification and lack of agency that defines the performance of femininity. An object for the male gaze. This is all very much at odds with the cardinal, self sufficient, goal oriented Capricorn ethos. But I don’t want to suggest that Capricornian women can’t luxuriate in the rituals of femininity or that they are incapable of expressing the receptivity, passivity, etc. we associate with the feminine. (They may in fact, enjoy playing the role of the helpless female – especially if they think they’re going to get a good return on investment from doing so.)

For this reason, the Capricorn femininity is much more of a performance. As such, Capricornian women look great in male and female drag.

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As such, Capricornian femininity is complex. It’s not really accurate to call the sign masculine or feminine unless we are talking about gender performance. Capricorn merely does whatever needs to be done to finish the job.