Do you remember how you first were introduced to yoga? I can still remember that Saturday morning when I tagged along to a yoga class with a new friend, M. We’d lived in the same residence but didn’t really hang out. A couple years later, I lent her some textbooks for class and we got to talking. She convinced me to try out this yoga thing, a beginner’s ashtanga class. I woke up the next day feeling like my back had been replaced with a slate of concrete.

Pretty soon, we were having regular yoga + movie nights. We’d have a bunch of bootleg copies of Rodney Yee videos and laugh when he moved into poses like half moon because it just seemed like such a ludicrous idea for us to move our bodies that way.

The years flow by without you noticing. Then something makes you pause and you look back and realize how much of your life you’ve shared with someone.

When I moved out of the city, living in an isolated hamlet where the roads were cut off for weeks at a time, M regularly sent me art postcards that I put up all over my room. She sneakily sent them through company mail so whenever I saw that corporate logo, I knew it was her!

I try to remember all the times we hung out in the city, making it a home. 3D glasses to see Coraline. Sitting on the grass at that huge NIN/Jane’s Addiction arena concert outside. Bibimbap and karaoke nights on Bloor.

Recently, walking by Mt Pleasant cemetery, we saw two stags simply standing by the tombstones right in front of us. We both thought they were plastic; we couldn’t believe there could be deer living right in the city.

I still have all the cds she burned me even though they’re ripped to my hard drive.

I always put chickpeas in my salad like she did one of our yoga dinner nights.

How can you express or conceptualize the way in which someone has quietly touched your life? To have a true friend defies comprehension; you cannot fathom how lucky you are.

Many years after that first class we took together, M completed her YTT. I’ve had so many yoga teachers over the years but in many ways, M will always be my first yoga teacher.

Dear M, I wrote this post for you… Thank you for inviting me to YS so many years ago. Please enjoy your travels to Thailand XOX <3