Yoga Sanctuary’s Danforth location shares teachers with its College branch, but has its own unique appeals. Located steps away from the subway, this studio is conveniently located a short block away from a string of Greek restaurants if you’re craving for a post-yoga meal.

The studio itself doesn’t have the College location’s high ceilings and spacious zen, but can still accommodate large classes while feeling more warm and inviting with its exposed brick walls. Unfortunately, the change room is quite small and narrow allowing only 3-4 people at once. It’s not nearly large enough when classes are spaced a mere 10 minutes apart and you can expect to wait to change unless you are early or the first out of the studio when class ends.

This was my last passport to prana class, and it ended with a real bang. I took Hali’s Vinyasa 1/2 which was challenging, and at the higher end of the difficulty compared to classes of this level. There were roughly 25 students, a mix of ages. Despite the larger size, Hali managed to make the class feel more intimate. She took care to make individual adjustments, and I appreciated that she warned the class beforehand, stating that those uncomfortable with adjustments were welcome to say “go away!” Her sequences were unexpected and creative, a great class to go to if you are feeling like your yoga practice is hitting a rut.

Yoga Sanctuary continues to impress me with their roster of instructors. I hope to attend another class with her soon.