Shas Yoga & Pilates is a tiny studio located in an unassuming building at the corner of Dupont and St. George. Its small size necessitates smaller classes (maximum 7-8 students) and is recommended for those who prefer a strong teacher-student relationship.

Although the building itself is not particularly attractive, Shas’ studio is bright and tastefully decorated and does not seem so small due to a mirrored wall. Because it is also a pilates studio, it is well stocked with various props. However, Shas lacks an actual changeroom. Although you may change in a clean building restroom, there are no benches or hooks, making it difficult to change despite the small class size. It is highly advised to go early. (I changed quickly in the hallway when it was empty.)

I took an Anusara class with Carin Lowerison. Class was at its maximum size but felt well spaced. Carin brought us through some challenging poses. There was no level given for the class, but it was roughly intermediate in terms of difficulty. Carin had a caring disposition, made frequent adjustments, and spoke directly to individuals in the class, remembering my name.

This is definitely a studio to try if you’re looking for a more personal connection and already are familiar with yoga practice.