Moksha Yoga on Danforth is located almost right outside of Chester station which is a definite bonus in the winter. The last thing you want leaving a hot yoga class is to shock your body with a long walk in -20 weather.

Moksha is a franchise, with various locations throughout the city. You can see a list of all locations here. The Danforth location studio can accommodate a medium sized class, with 16 people in the class I took although it sounded like this was a higher attendance than usual. You can view the studio space on the Moksha Danforth website. The mirrored wall and lack of decorations does make it seem more like a dance studio than a yoga studio, but the heated cork floors are clean and pleasing. Despite the studio size, the space of the change room is not very large, and with two showers and bathrooms, it was rather cramped. Services such as towel rentals, free filtered water and a bowl of hair elastics were a nice touch.

I opted for a restorative class with Jenna, for whom restorative yoga is a passion. Jenna has a wonderfully soothing voice, and was very flexible in terms of allowing students to customize which props they used and how they used them. There were not enough props for everyone to use at the same time, but Jenna effectively divided the class into two groups so we could rotate their usage.

Moksha on Danforth might be good for those looking to explore hot yoga and who don’t care for prettied-up surroundings.