Buddha Body Yoga is a small studio located in the heart of the village, a five minute walk from Wellesley Station. A warm space with a relaxed atmosphere, this studio offers a low key experience.

The amenities are bright and clean, with a decently sized change room. The ground level studio in the photo above appeared to be in flux and not in regular use, with yoga related merchandise lining one wall. The upper level studio is smaller, and decorated with Zen Buddhist art.

I took a Hatha Flow class with Jane, who I found languidly resting on her back, with her legs suspended against the wall with a wonderfully rich and earthy energy. Class itself was almost private, with only three students including myself, my friend and another young woman. Given the small class size, Jane was able to respond directly to our individual needs and provide adjustments for many poses. Luckily we all came from an ashtanga background and had similar capabilities so Jane was able to modify the class easily to suit our needs and abilities. Class itself was calming, with deep and challenging poses including many reclined poses against the wall for immediate stress relief, exactly what my friend and I needed that day.

Although it may have been a fluke, it seems that the number of students for the following class was also quite small. This studio might be a good choice for students looking for more individual attention or an intimate atmosphere.