Conveniently located steps east of Yonge/Eglinton on the north side, Yoga Plus has great amenities and a very convenient location, but at $20/drop-in class (price includes water) it is very expensive.

The change room is spacious and clean although somewhat reminiscent of your old high school change rooms in design. Students are provided with towels, water, mat spray, and toiletries like lotion and deodorant.


There are three separate rooms, although despite the capacity, class size was very small at six students including my friend and I. This may have been in part, due to the time of the class (Friday at 6pm). It was heartening to see some older women in the class although no men were present.

My friend and I opted for Ashtanga 1/2 with Rhianna, and it was one of the more challenging classes I’ve taken. Skill levels vary from studio to studio and within studios, teacher to teacher and this one was on the difficult end, and seriousness in mood but no less enjoyable for it. Rhianna made frequent, gentle adjustments with explanations to help students remember how to improve alignment. An excellent class that demanded your focus and concentration. Were it not for the prohibitively expensive fees, I would probably return to this specific class.