889 Yonge is a spacious, upscale Yoga/Spa “Community” just south of Rosedale subway station. Immediately upon entering, you are greeted with friendly staff and an entire store full of green, eco-friendly merchandise. As such, 889 Yonge feels much more like a spa than a studio.


The yoga facilities however, are excellent. Everything is well designed, tasteful, and unobtrusive. You will receive your own key for a locker, and organic bath products are provided in the showers. Early birds can relax before class in a large, private waiting room upstairs with large couches, herbal tea and yoga related reading materials (unless you want to start stretching in the classroom). The studio also offers various membership programs, and frames this within a discourse of “community” although my first impression is that all the activities of the community are commercial and are directed  at offering other 889 Yonge services at a discount.


I took a restorative Candlelight Flow with Cecily Milne. The difficulty level was easy intermediate, with a sober, meditative vibe. Cecily kept things low-key, playing soothing electronic music in the background that matched the pacing of the workout very well. It was mostly hands off; there were no instructors walking through the class to make adjustments to students’ postures and Cecily herself did not adjust many students. The students seemed to be mostly young professionals, with no one (who appeared) over 35. Recommended for a session when you’re tired, need to de-stress, and don’t want any demands made on you, although the prices may run a bit steep.