Wrote this ages ago, maybe in 2003. Not sure if I would now characterize mutable signs as “detached” though as that implies emotional detachment. It’s more like a lack of attachments.

While much has been written about sign elements (which are easily related to other systems such as psychological typology, tarot suit etc), I found in my early studies that modality was often overlooked. Here is a more in depth examination of sign modality, also known as quality.

There are three modalities which can basically be summed up as beginnings (cardinal), middles (fixed) and ends (mutable). Each group has its own particular characteristics and it is well worth noting when interpreting a chart if there is a bias towards a modality, or lack of one.

* * *

The Cardinal Signs: Aries | Cancer | Libra | Capricorn

Cardinal signs represent the beginning of a new season. They carry with them a strength and purity in terms of their element.

Cardinal people like to initiate change. Consequently, they like to take charge, to direct and control. Even Cancer and Libra harbour such ambitions although it is not so blatant as the leadership in Aries or the enterprising nature of Capricorn. Cancer likes to encompass the family and home (or s/mother if taken to an extreme), while Libra controls people through diplomacy – the iron fist in the velvet glove. Cardinal people enjoy challenges and new ideas when they come on their own terms.

Cardinal people at their best are active, willing to lead others and to build new systems. They are the ones who have enough drive to get projects off the ground. However, they can be overly controlling or impatient with others, find it difficult to be satisfied or to live in the moment and may not have the stamina to carry a project into completion.

The Fixed Signs: Taurus | Leo | Scorpio | Aquarius

Fixed signs represent the apex of each season: the burning prime of summer, the deepest winter chill. They contain within them, the extremity or the height of their element.

Fixed people follow the principal of inertia. It may be difficult to get them started on a project, but once they do, it can take a lot of effort to get them to stop! They may be slow but they are very consistent. They are the most enduring and stable signs of the zodiac. Consequently, they are also the hardest working (or laziest!). This is especially apparent in Taurus who is primarily concerned with work and labour, but Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will also direct their fixed energy towards their respective elements. They are also the signs with the greatest sense of ownership and possession. These people have great difficulty in letting go be it an opinion, material item or relationship.

Fixed people at their best are focused, secure, steady types. They are quite capable of shouldering the brunt of work in projects if you can get them going. They can be prone to stubbornness, rigidity and narrow mindedness are creatures of habit. Currently, we live in times of accelerating change, which is rather inhospitable to the fixed person. Fixed sign people don’t like change; they would rather deny or ignore it, even if it is to their own detriment.

The Mutable Signs: Gemini | Virgo | Sagittarius | Pisces

Mutable signs represent the breakdown of a season and its preparation for the next one. Most notably, they are the only signs ruled by optimistic, expansive Jupiter and flighty, shape shifting Mercury (also known as Quicksilver).

Mutable people are very fluid. They deal very well with change, but unlike Cardinal people who will initiate it and influence their environment, mutable people are more likely to be influenced by their environment. As such, it is difficult for them to build up a solid sense of self, or to develop self insight on their own. However, this makes mutable people the most adaptable and they are the group that finds it easiest not only to accept change, but to accept losses. They are the signs with the most detachment, or least amount of commitment, depending on the context. Mutable people may also have a restless, or searching nature; they are always striving towards some ideal or new horizon.

Mutable people at their best are accommodating and versatile. Because of the Mercury/Jupiter connection, they are the ones most likely to be able to think outside of the box as it were. The weaknesses of the mutable signs are the inability to commit, and a wishy-washy nature. They can be unfocused in their actions; they are jacks of all trades and masters of none.