It’s been over 2 years since I wrote the post below. I still practice yoga, although these days, at a more reasonable hour. What has helped me stick with yoga is creating a routine of clearing up space, turning the lights low and burning incense or something to change the sensory space. The body likes routine. Routine creates memories that form a temporal/physical continuity. It’s grounding.

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Original Title: modifications
Original Post Date: March 2, 2007 @ 1:36 am

So I’ve been stepping up the yoga practice from a few times a week to daily since I now know enough poses to do a well rounded practice without a teacher. Freed from the structure of classes and dvds, you start to gravitate towards what’s natural to you. While it’s good to keep working with different teachers so that you are pushed to work on your weaknesses (with guidance), it’s also very satisfying to work with your own flow and somatic intuition.

I’m beginning to develop a strange habit of doing an hour + of yoga, starting from anywhere from midnight to 4am and “meditating” for god knows how long. Since I just crawl into bed afterwards without any concern for time. I put meditating in quotes because I’m not really following any method I am aware of. Images and sounds begin to present themselves to me after a good workout and when they grow, I disappear into three dimensional fully sensory worlds and walk around and do stuff in them. Which sounds neat but actually it’s all rather intense and emotionally challenging. So it goes. I wish I could do this at 4am everyday, for some reason, the later the better.

I also enjoy blaring Alice in Chains during workouts sometimes. You know, I never really fully subscribed to the idea some teachers have espoused about yoga being about how good life is. Sometimes in doing yoga, you feel like you’re on a path to self annihilation, or at least I do. The feeling that you’re stripping away everything that’s unnecessary, paring yourself down to the bones. And if you’re going to do that, might as well listen to the gods of grunge while you’re at it.

I also fell out of the practice of doing the LBRP, but have picked it up again by integrating it into yoga practice. I banish in lotus instead of doing the ashtanga chanting, and I might as well since I don’t understand any of the Sanskrit. Actually, I don’t even know if it’s Sanskrit, isn’t that terrible?

Anyways, just a few major modifications I’ve made to my practice that have really enriched my yoga experience. Try making your own, it’s fun!