Where ever trans-Saturnian planets figure prominently in a chart, the native is going to have to deal with impersonal forces. Today I’m analyzing two extremely similar charts of two gods of alternative rock from the 1990s, both of whom had a big, fat Pluto-Uranus conjunction sitting on the ASC: Kurt Cobain and Billy Corgan.

Kurt Cobain, lead singer and guitarist of the grunge band Nirvana, was considered the voice of a generation. He died in 1994 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, joining the notorious 27 Club.

Billy Corgan is lead singer and guitarist for the alternative rock band, The Smashing Pumpkins, which recently released its latest LP, Oceania. He is the sole remaining member of the original band lineup.

I don’t know what it’s like to have two heavyweights sitting on top of my ASC like that, but it can’t be easy to handle that energy without becoming, I don’t know, a total megalomaniac. Or maybe… a rock star. By the way, for the Pisces haters, Cobain and Corgan are another two examples of Pisces suns being pretty badass, accomplishing extraordinary things and sharing their incredible gifts and talents with the world.


I was hoping to polish off the anti-sage meditation posts with a final post, “OBLITERATION OF THE EGO THROUGH PAIN” but I’m afraid that new insights have revealed to me that I have been framing these apparent “anti-zen” endeavours inaccurately. Thanks to my teacher, I now understand these practices to be complimentary expressions of my meditation practice, expressed in everyday life, rather than compensatory ones. We talk a lot about taking one’s practice “off the mat” in yoga but sometimes it’s not obvious what that might look like; in my case, it was not what I expected and I didn’t recognize it at first. In psychology and cognitive science, they call it flow.

Who were you that I lived with, walked with? The brother, the friend? Strife and love, darkness and light–are they the workings of one mind, features of the same face? Oh my soul. Let me be in you now. Look out through my eyes. Look out at the things you made. All things shining. – Terrence Malick


One astrology question that seems to pop up every now and then is the difference between transits and progressions. There’s no easy or straightforward answer, so this is a bit of a lengthy post. I hope you find it informative.


This is our final segment in the shoes and signs series. Again, I invite readers to make their own suggestions! Check out earlier posts here and here.

Sporty, colourful, fun and just a little bit wild

A wedge heel makes this boot easy to run in

Sagittarius: Fashion is fun for Sagittarius, so, like Gemini, trendy patterns and unusual details are a go. I’ll make one small concession with Sag. Because Sag is one of the most mobile signs, I say, learn to run in heels but if one must wear trainers, you can still try finding a sleek one with a wedge heel that will be a breeze to run in. I discovered  Noname (not No Name) trainers when I was in Japan and my Sag moon bound and gagged my Cap sun and bought us a pair.


This is our second installment of the shoes and signs series. Check out the first post here. If you have any sartorial suggestions, please share them in the comments!

Glittery platforms are a go to shoe for Leo.

Leo can rock shoes with bolder colours and contours.

Leo: Leo dresses to be noticed and always goes big, so towering platforms should not intimidate! This dramatic sign can carry flashy details and bright colours well. Just be careful not to go too loud, lest one end up looking cheap or tasteless – tackiness being one of Leo’s fashion weaknesses. For a comfort shoe, try ballet flats in fun fabrics or with chunky or shiny details, like rows of metallic studs.


I feel it’s time for some levity on this blog. You want some levity? I want some levity. Here we go:

I was inspired by the post, Fashion by Zodiac Sign on ElsaElsa’s blog. Since no one has responded to my request for a shoe related post, I thought I’d take matters into my own hands. As a disclaimer, I am a Capricorn who dresses like one. That means a 100% personal ban on trainers (exceptions made for the gym or running only), Birkenstocks, Crocs and Uggs. The latter two, I refuse to acknowledge as shoes. Those are more accurately described as sartorial abominations. So, bearing my personal bias in mind, these are my style suggestions by zodiac sign. Part one will take us through to Cancer. And by all means, please share your suggestions if you have any!

Red, Mars' favourite colour

Combat boots, also a Mars happy choice

Aries: The bold and direct Aries personality is best expressed with shoes that have a strong, powerful design, large or sharp details and anything with a military flair. Anything light will appear too weak. Were I writing this post two years ago, I would have been all over the gladiator sandal or a pair of spike encrusted heels a la Sam Edelman.


Capricorn is like a diamond. It does best under pressure. If a Capricorn native has a hard Saturn-sun or Saturn-moon contact, then the pressure can be intense. It’s not remotely fun. So you have to forgive us Caps sun for having a dour outlook sometimes. But if Capricorn can take all that pressure, the result is dazzling. Diamonds symbolize the incorruptible. They arise from carbon, the most common element, to become hardest substance in the world.

All that diamond hardness contradicts N. American ideas about femininity. There is something distinctly unfeminine about the cool, cutting, measured steeliness of a practical Capricorn woman. There’s nothing brash or boss-say or rough-and-tumble tough about it, qualities that we find in other more masculine signs. This is not to say that it’s unnatural for women to be steely. I am saying that in terms of gender norms, whenever we see the forceful, commanding Capricornian woman, she’s de-feminized, just as a gentle Cancerian male is emasculated.


Brian Foo via

If you missed part one, you can catch it here. These posts form a two part series about what you can look forward to with a Saturn Return.

I recently gave a tarot reading to a friend of mine and she remarked that she was surprized that I was still practicing tarot. That seemed like something the “Old Isthmus” would do. And I thought what a strange comment that was because I hadn’t realized how much I had changed. You’re so practical now, she clarifies. You’re so into these practical things. Joining groups, chairing meetings, all of it. And she’s right; in the past I never concerned myself with ideas about civic engagement, leadership and what not.

The Saturn Return has consolidated a lot of my responsibilities to society. A prosperous, vibrant, tolerant and creative society doesn’t just happen by magic or by virtue of inertia. And contrary to a lot of articles I read, leading a meaningful, happy life is very much a social endeavour that is deeply tied into the participation in the creation of shared meaning. Whenever we talk about happiness or satisfaction in the west, we always focus on the individual. But without shared meaning, shared narratives, shared metaphors that are authentic, we are lost in our own idiosyncratic, solipsistic fantasies or, as is very common, we become easy prey for systems of meaning that are inauthentic, harmful and do not accurately reflect our reality.


Andreas Preis

This is the final post in my contra-stereotyping water series. Please feel free to check out my Scorpio and Pisces posts.

In my experience, Cancer is the most poorly integrated sign in our society. I don’t find in other signs, such a polarized expression of a sign’s qualities when it comes to gender; women are allowed full expression of Cancer whereas men must basically repress all of it. I think it says a great deal about our attitudes toward femininity, female power and mothers. The patriarchy can co-opt and control the sensuality and femininity of Venus, but it can’t co-opt the menstrual cycle and motherhood of the moon so easily. The best it can do is pathologize and sentimentalize the hell out of it.

Very watery men have it rough. But while watery emotions are denied to men in general, Cancer has it the hardest. Mars ruled Scorpio gets to be the sex machine, the psychologist, the brooding bad boy. Jupiter ruled Pisces gets to be the spiritual visionary, the sensitive artist, the martyr on the cross. But what does Cancer get? Mama’s boy? Male “PMS?”


Rachel Caldwell's Ocean Queen

Every sign has its stereotypes and misconceptions, but Pisces is a sign where the type doesn’t always fit well, especially with men. You know what type I’m talking about: the evasive, fickle, impressionable, hopeless new age space cadet who will lie straight to your face and is probably nursing an addiction of some kind. To be sure, there are some Pisces who fit the stereotype. But that kind of rigid thinking doesn’t work in Pisces-land.

Would it surprize you to learn that the late Steve Jobs, one of the most brilliant design innovators of our time, a man renowned as one of the world’s top business executives, famous for his intense and demanding leadership style, was a Pisces sun? Does this sound like someone unfocused, weak or out of touch with reality? Someone who doesn’t know anything about loyalty, commitment or power?


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